Get a modern online store

High-quality, modern and fast development of online stores. We consider state-of-the-art trends in implementation, we use current technologies and guidelines, and provide you with on top-notch hosting servers.

The advantages of our online store:
  • No commission / no hidden fees.
  • Allows you to shop 24 hours a day, regardless of location.
  • Possibility of different payment methods (per summary, credit cards, pro forma invoice, PayPal, …).
  • Integrated online store functions (shopping cart, user profile, purchase history, shopping list, …).
  • Online store tailored to mobile devices.
  • Insights into Visitor Statistics.
  • Overview of demand and wanted items.
  • Possibility of upgrades and extensions.
  • Flexible system.
  • Simple administration and CMS interface for inserting articles, categories, content, …
  • Automation option (automatic sending of emails, SMS notification, order processing, …).
  • Connecting of various services (SMS, tracking, e-mail, business information systems, fiscal cash registers, …).
  • Optimization (speed of operation, SEO, …).
Adaptability for mobile devices

More than 40% of web browsing takes place via mobile devices, so an online store geared to mobile devices is inevitable. Users expect a good user experience, transparent content and quickly accessible information also on mobile devices.

If your online store is not yet customized for mobile devices, please send us an inquiry and we will verify if your existing online store can be customized for mobile devices.

Simplify your business by combining and integrating services into one

We can automate the operation of the online store so that you do not need to complete all the steps manually, they will automatically be managed by our online robot instead. For example, if a new order arrives, you are notified via e-mail, and your customer receives a notice. All subsequent steps can be automated and combined with third-party services. This way you can connect your business information system to the online store, synchronize items and prices, create invoices and deliveries directly via the online store, follow the shipment and inform your customers about the status of the order via SMS and e-mail, and when the package will be delivered, our robot automatically finishes the order and takes care of all the notifications.

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