In cooperation with our partner company nanosoft d.o.o. we have prepared you a business information system nan, which provides comprehensive business and is fully adapted for the tax cash system. The nan system is available at:

  • Mobile Phones (Android).
  • Tablet PCs (Android).
  • Computers (desktop, portable) with Microsoft Windows operating system.


POS expenses, POS receipts, conclusions, travel expenses, principal cash register.


Production, acquisitions, interstate transfers, imports, supplies, work orders, orders, offers, contracts, calculations, invoices, credits, overview of the realization, central stock management, acquisitions.


Book of received and issued invoices, VAT, sales monitoring and stock …

Mobile tax register app
  • It is one of the modules of nan.
  • Possibility of issuing an invoice without an instant connection to the Internet.
  • Easy to use.
  • Mobile business 24 hours a day.
  • Connection with accounting services.
  • Professional technical support for customers.
  • Tested over several years of business.
Free trial.
We offer you the possibility of successful business with the help of a comprehensive business information system nan.

The computer, smartphone, tablet, and nanobox work synchronously. Thus, changing business information over the Internet is always available in real time with all of these devices.

Connect it to the online store and website!

Mobile & tax ready
  • A tablet of your choice,
  • software nan,
  • mobile wireless printer,
  • smart housing nanobox.
Mobile printer
  • For printing POS receipts.
  • Verified Wireless printer (Bixolon Brand).
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • You can place it anywhere.


Which tablet should I choose?
  • Any tablet or smartphone (Android).
  • It’s easier to use a device that you already know.
  • You can choose between devices that are currently appearing on the market.
  • Our software runs on all Android devices from version 4.2 onwards.
  • If you do not already have a tablet or similar device, we can supply it for you. We cooperate with all major distributors.


nan software
  • The POS module is just one of the modules that make up the software solution of nan.
  • Possible issue of an receipt without an instant connection to the Internet.
  • Easy to use, personalized design with a smart device (phone or tablet).
  • Use of travel orders for field work.
  • Mobile business 24 hours a day.
  • It is possible to connect to the selected accounting service.
  • Professional technical support for all our customers.
  • Well tested in operation.


In a handy and portable case made of Slovenian wood, it combines:
  • Any android tablet,
  • nan software,
  • POS printer,
  • extra battery for longer operation,
  • built-in alarm.


Get nan starting from 24,40 € / month

There are various nan packages available, check which one is best for your business.