Effective marketing through multiple channels

In order to facilitate your promotion of your product and / or service, we can offer you marketing through several channels:

  • Marketing of social networks (we recommend advertising campaigns via Facebook),
  • marketing via webmail (mass mailing of e-mails to companies),
  • ads on KUDO cards (in cooperation with the company KUPA komunikacije),
  • EASY SHOW SYSTEM stands by printing and delivering to the desired address.
E-mail marketing
An effective e-mailing system for bulk e-mailing and / or the integration of automated e-mail.
Facebook ads
An effective Facebook campaign which suits your needs. Choose yourself how much you want to spend and we will prepare an optimal solution.
Google AdWords
We will prepare you a full advertising solution through the Google AdWords campaign to promote your product or service.
SMS marketing
Implementation and integration of sending SMS messages within your existing systems or integration into a new system.
What benefit do you have from having an ad on the KUDO card?

KUDO cards are our joint promotion. They will be received by our existing and potential partners in Slovenia and the Balkans, and will be forwarded to influential institutions in the EU, including through the help of the Members with whom we work, and through the embassies of Slovenia abroad, and at home to foreign representatives of companies and economic representations.

KUDO cards will also be received by final consumers, but in a different way than usual. Cards will not land in the trash as spam. The recipients are participants of seminars KUPA komunikacije, more than 200 providers of hidden customers across Slovenia (including men and women, age structure from 20 to 60 years, from vocational education to the doctoral title) and our business partners.

Leading and influential individuals will also be among the recipients (from mayors to managers, ambassadors and foreign representatives in Slovenia). So those who have an impact both on getting and doing business and are at the same time economically strong enough to be able to afford your services and products. For the foreign speaking business and political public, KUDO cards have been prepared in English and German. We suggest that you publish your ad in these two languages.


EASYSHOW SYSTEM is the best professional communication tool easy to assemble and transport, stabile, robust and built from high quality materials.

Easyshow system is a modular system of banners, on a strong aluminum construction, used to create and separate areas and in the same time advertise your company or products. The system can be adapted for different aplications like simple promotions, used as a crowd barrier for motorsport event, fairs and indoor or complex outdoor events.

Is an unique roll in banner system. The advantages: Easy storing of the banners with simple roll in or roll out. Reduction of the needed space during the transport. The banners is safe inside the horizontal bar.

Easyshow system is the best professional communication tool easy to assemble and transport, stabil, robust and built from high quality materials. Communications and graphics are printed on PVC banner or mesh. Anywhere, instantly and without any specific skill, you can build your area, communicating your image in anyway you want and stand out with elegance and great visual impact.

Check out which is the best solution for you

We will prepare you a marketing offer that is best suited for your product / service.